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Old 02-06-2009, 06:07 PM
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Talking Speaking into Existance

I remeber that Nathan told me once about the fact that GOD spoke, as in made a sound, to create the Universe...a grain of truth thats been twisted by other religions that believe there are sacred sounds aswell, kinda of like a base to everything, vibrational harmonics...Soundwaves need air to pass through, but electronmagnetic vibrations DO NOT

then I came across this unbelievable video...recording noises in space, the electromagnetic forces, and the gasses of one of our outer planets makes a noise that almost sounds...musical.


Are we hearing what Budhists describe as "Aum" are we hearing noises of continual creation, or the maintanence there of?

You see how simplistic your view of GOD speaking into existance, in Genesis sounds when Science starts to uncover scientific vibrations from Creation. GOD speaking could be a metaphore for what you are hearing in the above video...and audible noise from things he has created, a scientifically measurable hum. Remember that the psalms say the GOD is needed in the Universe to MAINTAIN creation...that if he withdrew himself, everything would collapse...perhaps he is STILL calling things into existance, perhaps Creation isnt a singular event that now runs alone...perhaps he continually needs to speak through atoms, charged particals, vibrations...

Science properly applied always brings Glory to GOD in/through creation. Some mart alec is no doubt going to point out that this couldnt be heard without the use of technology, and more that its lightwaves being turned into sound. May I remind you that some of the first words of GOD were "let there be light" and that sound is simply an audible Vibration.

Funny how all matter Vibrates at some level isnt it, when the Bible says GOD created primarily though the act of emiting vibrations. This isnt cooincodence.

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