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Old 08-16-2009, 03:59 PM
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Default some of my random UFC thoughts !

1. Why can't they make certain main event fights, that aren't title fights,
5 round fights. Liddell vs Silva, Couture vs Big Nog, fights like that should be
5 rounds.

2. I really enjoyed watching Randy do commentary with Rogan & the other guy I'd like to see Randy back with those guys, maybe he will when he's finally done.

3. I like the fact that the UFC puts on the fights fans want to see. But I think you can get carried away with that. GSP vs Penn, now some want GSP vs Silva. You put on these fights too fast, & everything after is kinda bitter sweet.

4. I'm Canadian, so I like GSP. But I do not wanna see GSP vs Silva. I think
GSP would get smashed. GSP 5 rounds vs Alves, vs Fitch, 4 rounds vs BJ.
You give A. Silva 5 rounds he will KO a Polar bear.

5. Sometimes I would prefer an undercard fight, to one on the PPV. I wish
the UFC would put 4 fights on the PPV & have a fan vote on the 5th fight that goes on the card, maybe on UFC.com

guess thats it, yes I'm bored
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