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Old 02-05-2009, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by NateR
Well, I believe the "Ice Age" is just a misreading of the evidence. If there really was a global flood, then you would expect the water near the poles of the Earth to freeze, which is what I believe science mistakes for the Ice Age.

As mentioned before, dating methods aren't reliable and studying the strata of the Earth doesn't provide consistent results. Besides a global flood that lasted a year, could have laid hundreds or thousands of layers of sediment on the earth before the waters receded. Most likely, those layers are mistaken for periods of time, that science believes span millions of years, when they probably all happened over the course of a year.

The Bible tells us to put our faith in the "foolishness of GOD" before the wisdom of men, so when GOD says that He created the universe in 6 days, I see no problem with believing that.
Do you purposefully not actually read my posts Nathan?

Did I ever say I thought the Ice Age happened in Reality? Did I ever tell you there was no such thing as the deluge

This is what I mean by Christians on this forum being far to simple in their understanding...nothing is "mistake for periods of time" The rocks and strata mean exactly what Science says...but that DOESNT mean the events occured in real time. You all avoid my detailed explaination...because you'd rather Mock Science, then see the Truth...Science reveals the Glory of GOD in creation...its not a fools toy...employed properly it is a powerful tool through which GOD may reveal himself.

Some of you just dont want to try and understand a much more complex scenario which perfectly answers ALL sides without comprimising evidence, truth, GOD, science...any of it.

If there are no takers...I'll just leave you to it...the foolish Scientists can shout about fossil records, and the foolish Christians can paraphrase one of GOD greatest Achievements...and I'll just leave you to bash each other...and talk to those who might want to know the truth rather then propergander either way, scientific, or creationalist.
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