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my name is Mac im 28, Been here for 3 years now and have enoyed every bit of it. Im from Shelbyville IL born and raised , about 45 minutes east of Hillsboro. I Have been married to my wife Becky for 8 years , we have a son Boone who just turned 8 and a son Hank who is 9 months. I remember renting the first ufc's when they would be released on vhs , I got out of it because , well i guess i stopped watching vhs ha ha ha. Until one day years back my brother asks me if i had heard about this fella from over around Hillsboro thats been flatt leveling guys in the ufc. Well i had to find out who he was talking about and thats when i found this place. After learning about Matt and Mark i had to sign up . These guys enjoyed the same stuff i did and the man used Hank as his walk in music , one of the other guys i have always looked up to. Sooooo after getting to know everyone here i was asked to help out and become a moderator. Just prior to that Matt was going to his fight in ohio and i had made a sign and placed it along rt 16 where he would be travelling. That was the first time i had ever met the Guys , Matt , Mark and Fiore stopped by to get some pictures . SOmetime afterthat Matt called and wanted me and my brother Mike to come over one evening. We ended up restoring a John Deere 70 for them and have been good buddies ever since. Besides Matt and Mark i have made some very close friends here . Something i really didnt think would ever happen. I try to get most of the UfC's and 9 times out of 10 Nater is over to watch them with me and any other forum members who are in the area , Iva had Jeff overonce or twice and boomer has made several trips to the Frederick Compound ha ha ha . Me and Nate and Boom actually got together for some shooting a couple months ago that you can see on Booms website . As for personal stuff about me. Me , my Dad and my Brother own and operate " W.M. Frederick & Sons Concrete" We do it all . I have been into old cars and trucks since i was tiny , when other kids in fourth grade where learning cheat codes to mario brothers , I was reading up on how to drop a big block in a 57 chevy, Or how much lift it took to clear a set of 44 inch ground hawgs in my dads blazer lol. Ive owned so many classic cars and BIG chevy 4wd's its not even funny , especially only being 28. Ive been through 4 different 57 chevys , a 55 or 2 and am actually building a 55 to keep for myself , It is a straight axle gasser 55 from the 60's era. 4wd's ive pretty mutch had my hands all over them , took em apart and put em together, currently have a 72 blazer with 40 inch boggers and a 468 big block. As far as other hobbies i hunt what ever season it is , weather its doves , deer , rabbits ,coyotes, or mushrooms lol. I enjoy fishing just like anyone else . I am an avid bow shooter and well shooting is a big hobbie of mine if you cant tell by my sig. Well ive rambled enough , thats me.
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