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Old 07-25-2009, 03:40 AM
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Default Well, i'm already in the doghouse....

So why not get it all out there while i'm here? No point in doing it again when i get back in the right with people. which i have lurked for three years and noone still knows me, so it's not like I got alot to lose.

I am going to now accuse everyone that went, goes, or send there kids to public school of being just as bad as the ghetto bums on welfare. They get all their material needs met by the government on someone else's dime, how is that any different from you getting educated or getting your child educated on someone else's dime. Here in Iowa it is mainly the farmers and businesses that have property. Whether the property is paid for or not they get taxed to support schools. And what all do they learn at school? Why should I pay for someone else's kid to get educated?

I have heard people on "food stamps" demeaned here on the forums, so why is "education stamps" any different?

Okay having said that, and I am totally anti obamuh and anti obamuhcare, but if you aren't against universal education (if you can call it that), aren't you two faced to be against universal healthcare?
should you be "holier than thou" against welfared citizens?

I'm against both.

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