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Old 07-12-2009, 06:19 AM
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Default Seriously guys...

I honestly cannot understand how somebody can get around his personality enough to root for him in a fight. He is such a puke of a person. Disrespectful of the sport, the fans, his opponents, even his wife. He is a classless piece of trash that needs to be on the receiving end of a Hendo-esque KO... 4 fights in a row. Too bad that won't happen.

So who's next? Carwin? I think he has a shot out of all the UFC HW's, as I don't think Cain is ready yet.

I hope Dana chews his butt about the sponsor comment. For somebody that claims to be all about the money, that was a pretty stupid move.

I've never disliked a fighter like I dislike this guy. Not even Tito. Ugghhhhh....
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