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Arrow UFC 100 **Spoilers**

Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty
Round 1
Gugerty misses a low kick. Gugerty gives Grice angles and paws out a few jabs which sets up a single-leg attempt. Grice stuffs it, but Gugerty ties him up and drags him down with an inside trip. Grice scrambles but falls into a guillotine. It looks deep. Grice is able to defend and gets back up to his feet. Gugerty will not let go of his neck. Gugerty drags his foe back down and locks in the guillotine even deeper. Gugerty rolls him over and Grice's right arm falls limply onto the canvas. It's over as referee Herb Dean at 2:36 of round one.

CB Dollaway vs. Tom Lawlor
Round 1
Lawlor walks to the cage to Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out," and he is holding a chain leash attached to one of his teammates. Not exactly comedy in its finest hour. Dollaway's entrance is much more traditional and serious. Dollaway misses a right cross. Dollaway shoots in, but Lawlor stuffs it and sinks a quick guillotine before pulling guard. It's deep. Lawlor starts yelling at referee Yves Lavigne that Dollaway is out. He is. Just like that it's over. All it took was 55 seconds.

Lawlor: "My coaches told me not to go for the guillotine choke unless I knew I had it, so I guess I had it."

Dong Hyun Kim vs. T.J. Grant
Round 1
Both fighters look very relaxed as they touch gloves. After a short feeling-out process, Grant shoots for a single leg. Kim defends and stumbles back into the fence. Grant won't let go of the leg but Kim is patient. Kim quickly sweeps Grant and lands in the Grant’s guard. Kim lands several mini-hammer fists while trying to pass. Grant is using a very high guard and tries to slip on a triangle to no avail. Big elbow by Kim. Grant kicks off and scrambles back to his feet. Kim applies a Thai plum and quickly drags Grant back down. Grant scrambles again and gets back up, but Kim is glued to him. Kim brings him back down and from within his foe's gaurd, lands another solid elbow. And another. 10-9 Kim.

Round 2
There is a small laceration on the left eyebrow of Grant. There is also a small abrasion under his right eye. Grant looks a little anxious and comes out firing. He misses a wild head kick. Grant shoots in for a single, but Kim stuffs him. Grant tries again but falls into a guillotine during a scramble. Kim rolls him over and loses it. Grant pops his head out and secures guard. Kim lands a left elbow. And another. There is now a large hematoma forming on Grant’s forehead. Grant quickly tries a gogoplata, but the Korean fends it off. Another left elbow from Kim lands flush. Kim stands up and just misses a massive left hand onto the still-down Grant. Kim dives back into Grant's guard. Grant lands an upkick, but Kim had one knee down. Kim rests for about ten seconds while referee Mario Yamasaki warns Grant. They restart on their feet but the round ends. 10-9 Kim.

Round 3
Kim still looks very fresh. Grant's face is lumped and battered. Grant throws a nice flurry early, but Kim blocks the punches and delivers a hard-straight left to Grant’s liver. Grant presses Kim into the fence. Kim reverses position. Grant follows suit. Not much action. Yamasaki restarts the fighters. Grant throws three wild punches and one of his right hands graze. Kim scores a takedown and lands in Grant's guard. Some moderate elbows from Kim. The pace is very slow now. Kim lets him up and they quickly clinch. Grant presses Kim into cage, who in turn scores another takedown. Kim moves to half guard. With precious little time left, Grant pulls to full guard and tries to scramble. 10-9 Kim.

All three official judges see the bout 30-26 for Dong Hyun Kim.

Jon Jones vs. Jake O'Brien
Round 1
Jones misses a head kick. O’Brien shoots for a single and misses. Decent overhand right lands for Jones. O’Brien misses a loopy left hook. Jones counters with a spinning-head kick and is way off his mark. O’Brien shoots in for a double, but is stuffed. Jones misses another head kick but follows up with a low kick and a stiff-left jab. Jones is moving around the cage swiftly, and it's giving O’Brien difficulties. Hard kick to the ribs from Jones. O’Brien is pressing the action, but his aggression is ineffective. Though nothing hard landed cleanly, Jones won the round based on activity. 10-9 Jones.

Round 2
Jones launches a flying knee seconds into the round that misses. Jones barely misses a head kick. Jones continues to bounce around and back away from O’Brien. A short-counter left hook lands for O’Brien two minutes in. Spinning-back fist by Jones clips O’Brien on the head and causes him to stumble. Jones pounces and has O’Brien pinned along the fence. He sinks in a guillotine and O’Brien fends it off. Jones switches his hands and it looks more like a brabo choke. O'Brien taps out. It's officially tagged a tapout due to a guillotine at 2:43 of the second.

Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller
Round 1
Hard overhand right by Miller glances Danzig's head seconds in. Perfect double leg execution by Miller moments later. Miller slips over to half guard and Danzig is controlling the neck. Miller is not giving Danzig any breathing room for any sort of submission attempt. Danzig sweeps and rolls into Miller’s guard. Miller unloads a flurry of elbows from his back which cut up Danzig's hairline and forehead. Danzig scrambles up to his feet, but is pinned against the fence. He is a bloody mess. Miller takes him down and Danzig sinks a guillotine. He can't pull guard and eventually lets it go. Danzig tries an omaplata at the bell. 10-9 Miller.

Round 2
Cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran is working diligently on Danzig’s face. Danzig gets the second frame started with a low kick. Miller counters with a stiff-straight left on the mark. Miller shoots in for double and fights his way through a sprawl before landing it. Danzig pulls guard against the fence. Danzig briefly tries a kimura, but lets go. Miller throws several left hands and Danzig, now bleeding profusely again, blocks them all. In Danzig's guard they are elbowing each other. Miller lands a hard-left elbow. Two more. Danzig is trying to scramble away, and Miller is suffocating him. Referee Steve Mazzagatti stands them with a minute left. Danzig lands a kick to the face, but it's partially blocked as Miller charges. Danzig pulls guard with a tight guillotine. It's very tight and deep. Time runs out. Danzig probably would have finished him if he had more time. 10-9 Miller.

Round 3
They trade left hands. Danzig lands a knee to the face as Miller shoots in. He misses a guillotine on the way down. Miller scrambles up. On their feet, blood is gushing from Danzig's face. A hard right jab connects from the southpaw Miller. Miller's stance is giving Danzig problems. Danzig lands another knee to the face during a shot, but again misses the guillotine on the way down. Danzig pulls guard. He's trying a kimura. Miller slinks out of it and takes Danzig's back. He's got both hooks in and Danzig defends the choke. Miller now sinks it deep. With 35 seconds left, Danzig escapes and sweeps Miller before landing several hammer fists. Danzig goes for broke, as time expires. Great fight. 10-9 Danzig.

Jim Miller takes the fight with scores of 30-27 from all three official judges.

Mark Coleman vs. Stephan Bonnar
Round 1
Coleman shoots in and scores a single leg. Bonnar gets a steady guard against the fence. Bonnar latches on an omaplata and Coleman stays calm. Coleman shifts to north-south position and fights out of the lock. Bonnar is still pressed against the fence and starts to cage walk. Coleman won't let go of Bonnar’s leg. Bonnar lands a series of elbows onto Coleman’s ear and head. Coleman still has Bonnar’s right leg. Bonnar switches between a kimura on Coleman’s right arm and elbows to the head. 10-9 Bonnar.

Round 2
Coleman looks fresh to begin the second round. Left jabs by Bonnar. Coleman gets stung by a short-right cross. Coleman now is very sluggish looking but he scores a quick takedown. He lands a massive elbow that splits open Bonnar's head. From half guard, Coleman lands a few elbows and hammer strikes. Bonnar pulls guard. Coleman now looks totally spent. Bonnar again tries an omaplata, but gives it up halfway thru. Coleman is not letting Bonnar move. Bonnar tries and loses another kimura. Coleman is caught in another omaplata, but he scoots out and passes to north-south. Coleman is back in Bonnar's guard after some slick defense. Bonnar slaps on an armbar and Coleman defends. The round ends with Coleman landing punches to Bonnar's body. 10-9 Coleman.

Round 3
Coleman’s forehead is knotted-up severely. The exchange glancing punches. Coleman tries a single, but it's stuffed. Bonnar has control of Coleman's head momentarily as they get back up. Coleman scores another takedown. Bonnar is able to get to half guard. The crowd is chanting for the UFC hall of famer. Two minutes left and Coleman is landing some meager punches to Bonnar's face. Coleman stands up. Bonnar misses some upkicks and Coleman dives down into Bonnar's guard. Coleman pins Bonnar into the fence. Bonnar scrambles and Coleman takes his back, where he attempts a rear-naked choke. 25 seconds left. He can't sink it. Time expires. 10-9 Coleman.

Official scores: 29-28 for Coleman on all three cards.
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