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Originally Posted by mscomc
Again, sorry ahead of time, and forgive me need for clarity:

What do you mean "founded under god". Do you mean you are a nation that holds the values of God very closely as is it apparently written in your constitution or that God is directly responsible for the formation of the United States of America?

If its the latter you mean, and I propose this. Arent all things founded under god? I mean did you know that the official title of Pakistan is actually... "The Islamic Republic of Pakistan"... this is a country that beleives in its religion and god so much they put its title right in the name of the country. Now whether or no you beleive in Islam is another matter...we are all allowed freedom of religion....but from their perspective they beleive in God as well...so how does that make the U.S any more special in that reference?

If your point is that you are a nation that holds the values of God very closely as is it apparently written in your constitution, could you elborate further on how you feel this is significant? And if I have completely missed the boat on what you were saying, please let me know also. Take care
At the risk of sounding hypocritical and funny

We worship the right God.

To be clear I for one don't feel American is a Christian nation anymore. I just feel Islam poses a threat to all free peoples who do not want to have faith pushed on them.
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