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Originally Posted by Neezar
What exactly happened to make your situation harder? Specifics please.

You were so poor before that you had not an extra penny (sterling/pound whatever). How could it have gotten worse yet you are still making it fine it seems?

It appears that the only difference is that now you have somewhere else to place the blame.
Well its like this Denise.

See I'm in a low paid job, I have my own flat which is more then a lot of people my age in England...most people either flat share...or they live with their parents...or they are married and have breadwinners in high paid jobs.

I could bearly afford to live...that is why I am on the computer all the time. I have no money for a proper social life, I can only afford to go to the cinema once a month, subsidized by vouchers given to me as a Birthday Present.

I have little savings because of the HUGE cost of living down in London whilst I was at Saint Paul's. Over the past three years I clawed back a 100K STIRLING overdraft by living off only 30per week for everything. That was fine, and early THIS year FOUR YEARS after LEAVING London I managed to actually break out of my overdraft and become solvent.

Then Greedy Banks in the United States started packaging and selling complex bonds and shyte in the Sub Prime Market of the United States (they had the unregulated freedom to do so) many people took them up on their offer, and began to buy mortgages and stuff and live off Credit. Which was fine until the Bank required the money.

Then the buyers couldnt pay the banks...and the banks couldnt pay the people who were invested in them...because they play with your money to earn themselves more capital.

When that happened...everyone lost trust in their banks...it looked like they had no money...so everyone started a run, thinking "well best get my money out before the banks have absolutely no money" Banks arent made to give out all the money at any one time...and thats when the banks started going bust...like some bloody stack of dominos...the banks on Wallstreet started to go bankrupt! now...the Dollar (which is the money financially they were using, underpins the world economy) Before you know it...this chain of events were hitting banks in Europe which depended on banks in the United States.

Global Recession begins, and The United States Government decides to give the banks the money...and half the population of America scream "no", they are frightened of their rights being violated...the same rights they abused to cause the problem...they think the bankers should pay..but the bankers already have their millions from years of bad practise under capitalism. Punishing the banks only punishes the rest of the world...the Bankers dont care...the worst that happens to those truely responsible is early retirement as millionaires! The US Government delays...meanwhiles banks and with it businesses are collapsing ALL OVER the bloody world!! Other Governments begin to join together to nationalize the banks. Those least protected were hit the hardest. We had a dumbass Treasurer in office for ten years, whilst a Government worked on ruining the Education system, following an illicit war, and cost cutting on our Health Service...think they were prepared?

So...what do they do...well...all the prices rise, and the wages stay the same. So now...I somehow have to find EXTRA money to live off THE SAME ammount. You see how that is a LONG way from being my fault
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