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Old 02-03-2009, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Preach
It just dawned on me something that is very funny about GSP incident.
BJ Penn a love him or hate him kind of guy steps in to fight one GSP. Who has had complaints in the past for vaseline, HGH, or faking injuries. Yet even with footage and confessions from his cornerman and officals. Who gets the blunt end and critisim by the majority of MMA fans abroad. Is it GSP? Nope! His cornerman? Nope! It is BJ Penn and his fans! HAHAHA some people are so far up the crotch of GSP that they can't see the truth through the hair... But the reality of the whole matter is this that GSP's so called legacy is now tarnished. This incident has caught the attention of the whole sports world.

Regardless of what you think of GSP or BJ for that matter this is a terrible situation not only for GSP, BJ and their fans but what does this do for future contests. There is enough evidence out there to prove the incident occured. Did it change the outcome of the fight not this time but who knows if it has in the past or if it stopped future problems.

The only defense that GSP fans can come up with is.. Why would he need to do this? He was the better fighter and stronger! Maybe and maybe not his guard pass was to swift and with ease unheard of against BJ. But I really feel that GSP has to have a mental edge and the only way he gets it is by cheating. This is my opinion and I am sure that you have yours. But this is by far the first claim against GSP.

Now for Matt Hughes lets look at his career. He is a dick. He is mean. He is arrogant. This is the arguments that his enemies use against him. Never Hughes was slippery, Hughes wasn't hurt, Hughes uses HGH.. Nothing that points to cheating. Yet Matt Hughes was and is still considered that Most Dominate WW in the history of MMA. So enough of this excuses of people are jealous of GSP so they are fabricating lies. It has nothing to do with that. The truth is that he has a lot of ????? marks around him and this will harm his name and should.

So yes I am laughing at the fact that GSP fans are so far up his crack they can't see anything and thats why he chooses Vaseline
Damn Preach you nailed on the head perfectly!! That pic is crazy too. They should take blood samples for future testing if they ever change it. Hate cheaters !
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