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Old 02-03-2009, 09:40 PM
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Default Welterweight Tournament

I think after all these alleged allegations regarding greasing, steroids in the past, Dana should spin this into a WW tournament (like he did with the HW's)

If it can't be proved one way or the other, GSP should man up and do a WW tournamnet over the next year to see who the real WW king is. Maybe the top 8 guys in the division could go at it over the course of the year. The winner of that tournament, without a shadow of a doubt will determine who is the undoubtabely the king of the division (maybe even a trophy and some extra cash)

I actually think it could make a lot of money, and don't see GSP shying away from it. Even NSAC could do all the touch ups in between rounds.

If anything, I want to see how most of WW's would fair in a tournament style and if they would do any better against GSP under tournament settings.

Maybe after this tournament, there would be no more debate.
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