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Default Machida on Evans "The guy is a bad ass"

Terra.com: Did MMA joined into Lyoto Machida Era?

Lyoto Machida: I think it's too early to talk like that. Now that I'm just became the champion I still have a lot to prove. It's very hard to take the UFC belt, keeping it is even harder. There is a lot of good fighters in my division. I think it's a bit too early to say that we joined an Era of this or that fighter. Someday I'll be able to talk like that but only if I keep the belt after a lot of title fights.

Terra.com: The fight with Rashad was easier than you would imagine?

Lyoto Machida: The fight was very hard, regardless the fact it was a short fight. In our division any strike can finish the fight. The fight was very strategical. In the beginning I didn't expose myself, neithere did him. In the first opportunity I could catch him. The fight was very strategical and hard. He wasn't giving me any gaps to attack. I've just commented with my brother that the guy is a bad ass.

Terra.com: When you saw Rashad knocked out and realized that you were the new UFC LHW champion, what was your first thought?

Lyoto Machida: In that moment I just didn't believe in what I was seeing. I thought "whoa, I really won". I didn't believe on that. It was just like a dream! The the time was passing by and I saw him standing up, and I saw everything around me and the I've realized I was the champion. But when I KOed him, I didn't get it.

Terra.com: What did you hear from Yoshizo (his father and master) when the fight ended?

Lyoto Machida: He said "Congratulations, let's keep fighting like that!". He just said that. He doesn't talk too much.

Terra.com: What was your hardest fight in UFC?

Lyoto Machida: It's hard to say, because every fight had its own difficulty leve. Some fights were harder, some fights were not so hard. I think the fight against Tito Ortiz was the hardest. There was the psychological factor. He was having some troubles with Dana and had the crowd support, they even shouted his name. Everything for me was new. At the end of fight he almost submitted me. He locked a triangle. I felt like everything was fading out but I wanted to escape from there very bad. Then he got my arm. My arm got injured for a week after the fight but my will to escape were bigger than that.

Terra.com: Did Dana talk to you alone after the fight? What did he say?

Lyoto Machida: Well, he just saluted me for the title. He said he was shocked with the Machida Karate. He was like he wasn't believing in what just happened. But he didn't talk too much.

Terra.com: Did the UFC invited you to be a coach in TUF? Why did you refuse?

Lyoto Machida: I didn't refuse. Actually they said my English is not good enough so they said whenever I improve my English then they will invite me again.

Terra.com: Before you last fight Rampage compared you to a cheetah because according him you only rund around the ring. He even said if he was the UFC president he would never give you a title shot because the lack of excitement your style has. After two consecutive knockouts, what is your answer to Rampage?

Lyoto Machida: I respect his opinion. Actually I don't care what they think about me. I would like to face him, I would like to test my technique with his technique then we could see who is the best fighter. He already proved he is an awesome fighter but I do believe in my style/technique.

Terra.com: Rampage always trashtalks about you and your style. Does it bother you?

Lyoto Machida: Not at all, this sport is professional. Every single person has his very own opinion. He is a guy who does a lot of marketing, he likes that, trashtalking, insulting, he promotes himself doing stuff like that. I'm the opposite. I'm a quiet fighter. I know I'm not like he says (boring) and it doesn't affect me, I just get stronger.

Terra.com: Rampage opted to fight Rashad before fighting you. Do you think he is gaining more time to get ready for you?

Lyoto Machida: I think he did this only because the TUF. The fact that both coaches have to fight each other is a consequence. Due the fact I'm not taking part in this TUF he will face Rashad. Everyone in this sport wants to fight every other fighter in his division and they wanna fight me because the belt. It's just a matter of contract. Rampage will have to fight me sometime...

Terra.com: Do you think in a fight against Rampage, do you think he will require an harder training than you had when you were training for Rashad?

Lyoto Machida: Technically I'll have to change my strategy because Rampage has other fight style. In the physical view is the same training I do for a five round fight. Rampage is a guy who protects himself very nicely, has an hard chin but I believe in what I'm doing.

Terra.com: When your training to the fight against Shogun starts?

Lyoto Machida: Actually it have already started. I'm training hard since last week. But my training starts like this: I push hard in the training basis to relax a little bit in the end. I'm developing my strenght, power and speed to be very well prepared in the day of the fight. Sometime ago I was used to think that two months of training were enought but now I see I have to train everytime.

Terra.com: Your strategy against Shogun will be the knockout?

Lyoto Machida: It's true I'll always look for my main style which is the striking and I'll be always trying to finish the fight before the bell. So I'll look for a KO but always preparing myself to fight in the ground. Even more when we talk about Shogun who is a great fighter who was the Pride champion and proved that is a very dangerous guy.

Terra.com: What are the strongest points of Shogun?

Lyoto Machida: I think Shogun dominates all the four aspects of a fight. He is good at striking, he is good taking people down, he has a strong psychological game and he has an accomplished ground game. It'll be a very hard fight for me and for him.

Terra.com: Shogun was more tested in the ground than you. Are you afraid to grapple with him?

Lyoto Machida: Not at all. Nowadays I see myself training very hard from all the sides, I'm training a lot ground game and lot of takedowns. I don't want suprises. I know how good Shogun is but I believe in my style and in everything I'm doing.

Terra.com: Is there any difference to fight other Brazilian or a foreign fighter?

Lyoto Machida: Honestly I think in this sport it will always happen. First because Brazilians are among the best, second because there is the professional side. When you step the ring every fighter will be defending his own flag. I defend my name, my state and my country. So does Shogun.

Terra.com: You said you would like to fight Brock Lesnar. Do you think to move up to Heavyweights someday, to face a new challenge?

Lyoto Machida: I love challenges. I always saw Lesnar like a supernatural guy, he is strong, fast, he is learning very fast the secrets of fight. I see Lesnar like a great challenge for me in the future, an opportunity to prove myself. It's the challenge that makes a fighter to set a strategy, to envolve/improve his game. I wanna test my game against him, I wanna see if my game fits against an athlete like him. It's a personal challenge to see how I can test me against a guy like Lesnar. I think he is a great fighter, a great champion but I would like to do this in the future. Two or four years from now when I'll be more experienced. Now it's time to think on keeping my belt.

Terra.com: Is there any other heavyweight fighter you would like to fight? Talking about other orgs as well...

Lyoto Machida: No... only Lesnar.

Terra.com: Do you think you are attracting a new kind of people to MMA with your fight style?

Lyoto Machida: Yes, I do because I don't follow the standards. Usually the fighters come from boxing, muay thai and jiu-jitsu. Not me. I come from Karate, a more traditional martial art, an art where respect rules. So the Karate people, Kung-Fu people, Tae Kwon Do people, arts which has the respect philosophy are identifying theirselves with my image as a fighter.

Terra.com: Pitbull will face Georges St.Pierre and Brazil might own the third UFC belt among the five divisions. Do you think Brazil has the best fighters in the world?

Lyoto Machida: Yes because MMA come from Brazil. Brazil is the greatest spot of fighters. A lot of foreign fighters learned the fight fundaments with Brazilians. Brazil is a big fighter factory.

Terra.com: Now your focus is to be considered the best P4P fighter in the world?

Lyoto Machida: My focus is to keep the belt with me. This thing to be the best P4P must be a consequence of a good work that will make me champion for years.

Terra.com: Do you still believe that drinking your own urine bring you benefits? Did you drink it in your last fight?

Lyoto Machida: It's an old habit from my father. He made us feel very comfortable about it, he said we could make it if we wanted to. If we didn't want to it would be ok anyway. I do believe on it, I witnessed a lot of situations of people who got healed from diabetes and a lot of other diseases. I read articles that talks about the benefits of the habit. The first urine of the day comes full of vitamins that we drunk in the previous day. It's a way to reabsorb what was wasted. But i'm not radical. I just do this when I'm training. Barely I get sick and when I drink it I feel better.


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