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Old 06-24-2009, 10:16 PM
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Okay, so I am feeling frisky today... more shameless self-promotion is in order....

Oh, and sort of an update on the first post.

One of our songs might be featured in a new show being put together by MTV's Jackass crew. I don't know the details of the show, or the publishers contract just yet, and it would be unprofessional of me to say which song it is at this point. However I will say it is NOT the first song I posted (which was a bit surprising to me but who's complaining ) When solid details are known, I will give you guys the juicy gossip...lol

I am posting two songs this time....

The first one is a tune that I originally wrote as an acoustic song, called "Better Than This". It was a pretty basic and dumbed down 3 chord song lacking direction until me and my writing partner/ band-mate/ ultimate guitar mentor and guru helped me find my way on this one. It's actually the first time I have wrote a song and had somebody else singing on one of the verses. We treated it like a duet and I think it turned out nicely. Obviously the mix is still in the demo stage, but I hope somebody enjoys it.

"Better Than This"

The second song is called "Stand Up", it's more upbeat and heavy. and I literally wrote this entire song and recorded it this morning. No Obama....

Mix is still rough, but hey, screw it!

"Stand Up"


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