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Originally Posted by NateR
Actually, I was sitting next to Mark Hughes, there is NO WAY I was going to start crying.

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Originally Posted by NateR
I'm sure you've seen the previews, unless you just don't watch TV:

Marley and Me was pretty sad. Up is not like that, though, this one starts out a bit sad, but that part is only there to help explain the main character's motivations for the rest of the film.
I had seen the previews of this movie several times on tv and I told David I wanted to see it, but I said, "But, what's it called? I never see the title." And just as he said, "UP" I finally noticed the "UP" across the sky part. I was so focused on the characters that I completely failed to notice that even after seeing the commercial several times.

We just watched "Marley and Me" and I started crying when I realized where it was going and didn't stop until the end and a little after. I thought it was going to be a funny comedy, but it just made me sad. It was too close for home for me when I rushed my kitty cat, Romeo, to the vet and I ended up putting him down. I was all by myself, but I knew when the doc told me he was in renal failure that I couldn't let him suffer any more. We had been treating him for the last several months and things just got worse and worse. My vet was so good to me during all this time and especially at the end. I was balling my eyes out and had pulled my credit card out to pay, but I knew I couldn't go out there in front of all the people in the waiting room so I just held it out to him and asked if he would mind doing it. He shook his head and said there's no charge. I just looked at him and said, "Are you sure?" and He said, "Yes". And then his vet assistant, Becky carried Roms out to the car for me through the back and I took him home for the last time (God I'm tearing up thinking about it even now and that was over ten years ago ). I still haven't brought myself to get another pet. I love animals so much; they give you such love and all they want is your love in return. But, it breaks my heart when they die. Watching "Marley & Me" brought those last memories back to life as if it were yesterday.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, a month or so later, I got a card in the mail telling me a donation had been sent in Romeo's name to this organization that does research on problems like Roms had and other diseases. My vet made the donation; he's one of those people who really cares and is definitely in the right profession. Not only that, when I told my sis about not having to pay, she told me that normally they do charge you. I realized when she said that what my vet had done.