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Old 06-19-2009, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Tyburn

I think it was great! Flies are pests that carry diseases and stuff...I once had a fly infestation when a pigeon died in my chimmney....It was Verrrra unpleasent...and a complete massicre.

I went to bed alone...and woke up the next morning accompanied by the hum of over three hundred large flies.

I killed them all...every last one of them with so much fly spray I nearly poisened myself.

Then I collected their little bodies one by one...and counted them...up until three hundred...then I go bored. See Flies dont have a proper brain, they have what are called Ganglia...which means if you know how, you can cut a fly up...and keep it alive...in the sense that you can still get its legs and wings to move because the Ganglia act as miniture brains. Most flies have three.

...So I admit...I tortured them after I gassed them...Some I cut up...whilst they were still alive...others I just squashed...and some were realllll juicey also

That is like Hannibal Dahmer living in the Amityville Horror.
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