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Old 06-17-2009, 12:06 PM
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Default Captain America: Reborn

Okay you might be thinking that I accidentally posted this thread in the wrong section, but there is just something about this article on Marvel.com that has me a little bothered:

Namely the last two paragraphs (emphasis added):
"We got very fortunate in that the death of Cap garnered so much mainstream media attention and affected so many people," reflects Brevoort. "I think [that was] both because of what Captain America symbolizes even to people who haven't been following his adventures month after month, and that it happened just as there was a shift in the overall tenor of the nation. Cap's death came to be seen as indicative of some larger truths about the state of [America]. The death of Cap seemed to symbolize the death of hope.

"In terms of bringing Steve back, that too seems to reflect today's feeling of positivity [and] a world in which we want to believe in heroes again, that good men can triumph and that we can be our own better selves."
Now why would they want to politicize this whole storyline like this? The Death of Captain America story was published in 2007, so the "death of hope" quote is a clear reference to the Bush Administration. Did the Death of Superman story from 1993 signify our loss of faith in America? Of course not, because a Democrat was President.

Marvel Comics is already in bed with Obama, their special Spider-Man comic proved that. So I'm a little worried that they're going to be using Captain America to endorse the Secular Progressive agenda of the Obama Administration. Values that completely contradict the character of Captain America (a fictional character, yes, but you can't deny that these storylines have a lot of influence over people).

A little bit of history: Captain America was created in 1941 as a patriotic hero that American readers could rally around as the war in Europe raged on. His very first appearance showed him punching out Adolf Hitler a full 10 months before Pearl Harbor. So there was no mystery about what this character stood for. In fact, in an early issue, Captain America captured a female Nazi agent and had this to say to her:
I'm going to let you return to Germany because rats of your kind don't deserve to be in a free land -- even in prison! -- and you can tell that Austrian paper hanger this -- Tell him that our freedom has been threatened before and we're still around to tackle anyone who thinks he can take it from us now! Hitler and his loot-crazed barbarians will find the farmer of Lexington and Concord still very much alive in the spirit of every modern American!
I wish that were still true today.

Anyways, I think I would prefer it if Marvel just left Steve Rogers dead and not profaned the intent of his original creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, by re-imagining him as a Liberal Socialist.
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