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Default workout routine

I plan on resubscribing to my local gym this week eventhough I really can't afford too. I gotta do something right now to keep me motivated and upbeat while I'm outta work. Kickboxing hasn't giving me that 'feel good about myself as I'd hoped it would'.
I mainly wanting to improve strength and cardio over anything else as I think everthing else will fall into place(tone,etc.). I'm not looking to be built like a tank or bench 400lbs or anything like that.
What kinds of routines are there besides just using weights(though I will use them)? I thought maybe just using weight routines that are beneficial for kickboxing to mix it up besides the normal routines I've used in the past.
I got stuck in using the same routines for eachbody part and I know is the main reason I never saw much progress in my build. I'll try looking for websites to give myself new ideas on what to do.
I think I would like a routine for 1-2 days aweek to work on 'body core type routine'.
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