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Originally Posted by NateR
Political discussions were never that big of a thing on here until recently. Even when the topics did turn to politics, most people on here tended to lean towards the conservative right.

By the end of Bush's term, the media had brain-washed so many people into thinking that his 8 years as President were just the lowest point in our nation's history, that I was simply tired of the Bush bashing and didn't want Matt's site to become yet another outlet for that. Especially since Matt supports President Bush.

There's really no point in criticizing Bush now that he's out of office, aside from Liberals trying to cover their own mistakes.

Obviously nothing said about Obama on this site has offended you enough to report any of the posts. So clearly we're doing a pretty good job of keeping it to criticism of Obama's actual policies and not insulting of his character.
I actually did report something and was told that is just the way that particular "offender" speaks (writes) and that it wasn't that big of a deal .. LOL ..
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