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Originally Posted by sender
I've tried and tried to sub Chuck. But on single player its like impossible I've found anyways
I was able to sub him once. By the way, the judges give out 10-8 rounds like they are going out of style.
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Submissions to me still make little sense.

However i have now started to get better with Shogum, executing flying knees etc, still trying to master knees in the clinch though.

SO with far with Subs i have still decided the outcome is completly at random.

I was in full mount, and pounding and Chuck was dazed, you know the screen went grey, instead of finishing with GnP, i go for a sub...... Chuck rolls out and is on top of me!

I think, and i only think that the stamina gauge gives a better gauge of if a sub will pull off.

Also on 2p i may be onto something, ok i commit to the sub, and my brother is doing his thing to defend, i rolling the R stick one way. Now usually he breaks free everytime, so i experimented changing the rotatino of the R button from clockwise to anti clockwise!

Doing this secured me to sub victories, so that could be an answer right there!
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