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Old 04-13-2009, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Crisco
I suppose it makes sense when you read it there.

I'm just wondering how far the leftists will take it. I think it should be hate crime to hurt someone because their gay. Granted all crimes should be considered hate crimes so the whole point is moot.

I think this is a step to trying to legitimize the gay lifestyle as normal and just like any other ethnicity. It can definately lead to a slippery slop is applied poorly.
Well, no offense bro, but we are already there. Being Gay may not be a completely accepted activity by most people, but in almost ALL social settings homosexuals are tolerated and left alone nowadays.

I understand your point about "hate crimes", but the idea of making a special set of laws focused around specific "hate crimes" is to help act as a deterrent. How well that works is arguable, but that is beside the point. If you read about Matthew Shepard, the guy who they named the act after, you see how a brutal act of violence can generate worldwide attention to issues like this.

The same thing happened when a bill sponsored by Bill O'Reilly called "Jessica's Law" got national attention after a little girl in Florida was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by her pedophile neighbor. That bill was much stricter in nature than this one in that it proposed mandatory minimum sentences of 25 years for violence or sexual crimes against young children. Many states have since passed that into law even though a few hardcore liberal states have held back.

That is the problem.The political posturing is in our country right now is ridiculous. People need to stop making everything a left wing and right wing issue and start using common sense to decide what is right. There is nothing in this act that is going to hinder our freedom of speech. That is just right wing lunacy. Sure, anything can be a slippery slope when applied poorly, and thats what the left wing nuts were screaming when Bush wanted to tap some phone calls to the Middle East without a warrant. Now it's the same type of crap coming from the other side just gift wrapped with different paper.

Everybody needs to CHILL.
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