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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Do you find me indimidating
Anything but. I find you obnoxious and semi-illiterate. I have a hard time with taking things you say seriously because if you still have no grasp of your language and how to spell, I question whether you have grasped other things that you have learned. You are not a true Englishman if you can't even use your own native tongue with proficiency in both the written and oral manner.

What are you frightened of in engaging me. Frightened I might present you with something you dare not believe. You asked a question about the Tree of the Knowledge of Goodness and Evil...and I answered it.
Frightened? You give yourself too much credit. Do you even know what I asked and in what context I asked the question? From your answer, you haven't the slightest clue. If you wish to engage in more conversation, do it in PM. I don't wish to offend the entire forum. I really don't care much if I offend you now.
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