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Old 03-24-2009, 03:37 AM
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Default Post an Image (NEW RULES)

In order to make the job of the moderators easier, I'm instituting some new rules to the kinds of images that are allowed to be posted on this forum. The goal is not to make this into a G-rated forum, however, we definitely don't want to be overrun with R-rated or X-rated material.

So here are the new rules:

1. no nudity or blatant pornography, of course

2. no pictures with genitalia, female breasts or butts as the subject matter of the image, this would include clothed images. This means that, while it's fine to have a fully-clothed, voluptuous woman in the image (for instance a photo of a UFC ring girl), it's not okay to make her breasts, crotch or butt the subject of the photo with either selective cropping, text that draws attention to these areas, or animations that highlight them. For men, this would include drawing unnecessary attention to the crotch, butt or nipples.

3. no images that feature the f-word or s-word in it ANYWHERE. Those two words are restricted by the autocensor for a reason. This would include "censored" versions of those words and phrases that are incomplete without either of those two words (for instance: "sh*t happens"). Basically, if the word is in the image anywhere, even if it's just s*** or f***, then it's not allowed. The only exceptions here would be acronyms like WTF or STFU.

4. no overtly sexual images - suggestive posing, animal sex, homosexual/lesbian activity, inanimate objects meant to suggest sexual organs (to include "boob cakes"), etc.

5. no pictures of feces, vomit, urine, or any other human bodily fluids (unless it is within the context of MMA fighting - for instance: blood on the face of a fighter).

Any violation of these rules will lead to a deletion of the post WITHOUT WARNING OR EXPLANATION. Whining about it excessively, vindictive posting (posting images that are worse than the deleted images just to aggravate the moderators), or threatening the mods, admin or Matt himself could result in a suspension or a permanent ban.

This usually hasn't been a problem except when individuals seem to want to get into a contest to see who can post the most sexual explicit image before the mods are forced to step in and then they complain that they are being treated unfairly. This is not going to happen anymore.

Matt takes great pride in the fact that parents and children are able to visit his website and there is nothing on the main site that parents would feel the need to shield their children from. We want to make the forums an equally welcoming place for parents and their children.
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