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Old 03-19-2009, 10:40 PM
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Unhappy Great Aunt Eileen dies

Eileen Burgess-Driver, one of a set of Three Matriarchal Daughters, had a dramatic falling out with her older and younger Sister DECADES ago. She moved to a secluded spot on the South Coast, Married a man called David, and they lived and grew old together.

About three years ago David died, and Eileen, being over 80 couldnt truely fend for herself. So she returned to sheltered living...and she returned to the Family. The Youngest of the Sibling, now also in her 80s is my Maternal Grandmother

The oldest of the three Siblings, now well into her 90s is Great Aunt Joan, who is now in a nursing home and extremely fragile. So fragile, The family has decided not to inform her on the death of her younger Sister, for fear that grief and shock would quite simply, kill her aswell.

Eileen was kinda like my success story. Before David Died I decided I'd write to her in an effort to get her back into the Family. She responded and we struck up a correspondance, which prooved a useful channel for her to try and reforge relationships with her Sisters...something I greatly encouraged with Nan.

I just got off the phone with Mother.

Eileen Burgess-Driver died yesterday of a Heart attack, it has been categorised as a sudden death despite her age, because she was quite a healthy women for her age. I hope my Nan and her made their peace in the last couple of years, and that Nan doesnt regret the nearly thirty years that the two refused to talk to one another, now that she is gone.

Life is fleeting people, do not let the sun go down on a dispute, lest the sun only rise the next on one or other of you
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