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Default UFC in Utah

Little blurb from MMAUniverse

The UFC could be heading to Salt Lake City for the first time.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the UFC’s parent company Zuffa Inc have been in contact with the Utah Athletic commission.

Marc Ratner, UFC vice president of regulatory affairs confirmed that the promotion are interested in putting on a show.

He told www.sltrib.com:

"We have a big fandom in Utah and I'd like to do some kind of show there. I can tell from the television ratings that there's a lot of interest. They watch our Spike [cable TV network] shows. Pay-per-view numbers, percentage wise, are very good there. And Salt Lake's a great sports town."

Ratner stressed the benefits of a UFC show coming to town:

"When we bring a show, whether it's a Fight Night or a big pay-per-view, between the fighters and their camps, the staff and the production there's between 175 and 200 people that come to the fights. You multiply that by at least three room nights, so you have close to 600 room nights before you even sell a ticket."

"Salt Lake is on the radar and I'm very happy the commission is so proactive."

2 Things:

#1. I was in SLC for the Brock Randy fight and the first sports bar I went to was filled to capacity (they had to kick a few people our because of fire codes) So I went to a Hooters and I was litterally the last person allowed in, and I had to sit at the bar, as there were no tables left. Aand after I sat down there were litterally no more seats in the house. So this guy is right, there is potential.

#2. The real reason I posted this: his claim that SLC is a big sports town! They have one (1) prefessional sports team; The Utah Jazz (there is no jazz in Utah, I think the Mormons (LDS if you want to be PC) outlawed music and dancing from that state years ago) Most Utah-ians (Utah-ites?) cheer for the freaking Denver Broncos. Although, I must say, they do get pumped for college football, and I was around to experience the big BYU vs Utah State game.

Editers note: I stayed in Utah for about 4 weeks and worked and hung out with some great guys, most of which were LDS. If any reader is Mormon: I was just making a joke about how many view LDS. If you were offended, learn to take a joke and laugh at yourself, you'll live a lot longer that way.
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