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Old 03-14-2009, 10:59 PM
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Default 26-Week, 3-Week Splits Strength/Muscle Building Program

I'm a "training coach" on a fitness website. One of the members on there was asking me some questions about what I'd done so I went ahead and made the program in a printable format for him and shared it with the rest of the members. I just got done completing a self-made 26-week program to build strength and muscle. I'm not new to training so my "newbie gains" are long gone, but I still managed to gain 9 pounds of muscle and a lot of strength with the following program (due to time issues, it was more like 32-weeks to complete the 26-week program, but it was still great results).

Thought some of our forum members would be interested

About the program:

The rep ranges are designed primarily for ectomorphs, but the program will still make you stronger, thus, build muscle as long as you're eating enough to gain and sleeping enough to let the muscles grow.

I use dumbbells on all of the pressing lifts because they cause less damage on the shoulders and pecs (especially as you get into very heavy weights). They also use more stabilizer muscles than a barbell and will cure strength imbalances that sometimes occur with a barbell.

Near the top of the files, I have "3/0/1" or "1/0/1" for instructions. The "3/0/1" means "3-second negative, no pause at the bottom, 1-second positive" and "1/0/1" means "1-second negative, no pause at the bottom, 1-second positive".

Download the printable files* here.

*File is a ZIP format; printouts are in Microsoft Excel so if you don't have Microsoft Excel, download the free Excel Viewer here.
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