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Old 05-01-2014, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
maybe he could have done all of those ... i know that from our end, the delay on the pipeline is a good idea .. unless you live out west ... our gov't needs to look more at the environmental issues with the oil sands .. but that's another story ..

and i understand your outlook, but i think most of it is fear mongering of the right to its voters and well, those on the fence .. imo, the US is safer now than it was under clinton and bush ... i think the fact that obama is not acting unilaterially like his predecessors, the US is gaining respect from its allies .. the enemies are always going to hate the US, can't increase that .. but with more respect from allies, more countries will be willing to help the US out with Obama's tactics ...
I thought Canada wanted the pipeline to go thru, but from what you say, people are divided as some here. Yesterday, in Lynchburg, VA, there was another train derailment of tanker cars carrying crude oil. Between March of last year and February this year, not including yesterday's accident, there have been eight (8) major rail accidents of tanker cars carrying crude oil. There is going to be risks with anything manmade, but if it's safer to transport the oil by pipeline versus by rail, I'd think environmentalists would prefer the safer option. It's way past time for the U.S. to become energy independent.

I don't see how the U.S. is gaining respect, I think the exact opposite is happening under Obama's non-leadership. How can they possibly respect a U.S. President, a Commander in Chief who leaves his citizens unprotected on foreign soil and then when they are being attacked, he does NOTHING to help them! And still no one has been arrested and brought to justice for the murder of an American Ambassador and three others in Benghazi. How do our allies respect that, or when he draws a red line then doesn't back it up? He's famous for, "There will be consequences"...for Benghazi, for Syria, for the IRS, for Putin. It's just empty words. I don't see how that kind of leadership gains respect.

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