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Old 02-22-2014, 07:38 PM
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Default MFS Math and Love

Hey guys I've just been doing a little math that I wanted to share. I got my win/loss/draw numbers from Wikipedia so it may not be 100% accurate but this is gonna be pretty close.

I was checking out the numbers of my favorite MFS Elite guys which are (in no particular order); Matt Hughes, Pat Miletich, Robbie Lawler, Jens Pulver, and Jeremy Horn. Here are the numbers for this group.

These 5 have a combined record of 212-65-9. That's over 74% wins.

These 5 have combined 4 UFC title reigns with a combined 13 title defenses.

These 5 have combined 8 titles in other promotions as well as 1 UFC tournament win and at least 2 other tournament victories in other promotions.

Matt Hughes has beaten everyone that has ever been UFC WW Champ except for 1, Pat Miletich.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find ANY other 5 guys that trained together that compare with these numbers. MFS Elite will always reign supreme in my eyes. In the 2000's, no other gym or camp even comes close in terms of high level success.

Here's my favorite numbers (other than their title wins). These 5 MFS guys accumulated 172 of their 212 victories by way of stoppage. That's a whopping over 81% of their wins via stoppage and over 60% of their total fights coming from them winning by stoppage. Wow. I bet Greg Jackson's camp can't claim those numbers.

I am just making this thread as a huge Kudos and to pay homage to the real men that made me fall in love with this sport. Matt, Pat, Jeremy, Robbie, and Jens; thank you guys very much! I still get all goose bumpy watching your classic match ups!
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