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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
It's not the fact that he killed for his cause. It's the fact of who and how he killed. He promoted the idea of killing "every white person in South Africa". He killed other blacks who he felt sided with the white leaders. He killed people publically by putting a gas-filled tire around their neck and lighting it on fire.

I have no problem with someone fighting against a corrupt government. If he stuck to fighting and killing the enemy, I'd have no problem calling him a hero. However, he was a terrorist.
If that was the case...how do you explain what he did after release from prison.

Someone who seriously believes that does not run for democratic ellection in a minority backing...and win...AND work with White people for the following decade whilst in office.

I think its true to say that he probably issued orders to kill people before he went into Prison. I doubt, he, personally, killed anyone. People at the top never get dirt on their own hands.

Wholistically he must have done more good then ill...do you write him off completely because he was involved in Killings, or ordered killings, of specific ethnicities, against the rulling elite of his time...and say because he did that, you cant possibly think highly of him for Uniting a Nation.

Do you apply the same harsh logic to George Washington? Someone who probably did a very similar role? How do you think the British Government viewed him? I suspect they viewed him as a Terrorist, an inciter of violence against a legitmate authority, leader of an armed rebellion, a Traitor to the rulling elite...

The difference is that had the British Government caught him...like the South African Government caught Nelson Mandela...George Washington would not have sat Twenty Seven Years in Pruison....which is another reason I doubt just how personally involved Mandela was...I mean...if he was as bad as you make out...surely they would have killed him...its what you do with successful Terrorists...as in, those who have carried out successful attacks...especially back in the years just after the second world war!
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