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Old 11-21-2013, 07:51 PM
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There's a lot being said now that the girlfriend lied about it. She used specific language while on the 911 call to make it seem like he was threatening her. In reality, he was trying to break up with her. First she lied about being pregnant but when that didn't work she pulled this stunt.

We'll see what the truth is but dude is seriously finding himself in bad situations. Not sure if put himself in them or not.
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I think this guy bit off more then he could chew ( that's why he ended up with injuries himself) when he was hunting down that black kid and bottom line, he shot him unnecessarily and the kid died.
Since he's been out of jail I think he's living with the demons of his mistakes and he's doomed to live the rest of his life just as he's living right now until he makes things right.
And seriously, what a stupid girl for getting hooked up with that fat mess at this time in his life He has got to be one of the most unattractive men on the planet right now and I mean by his life and his looks

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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
He may be making some bad decisions now, but I still think he was justified in shooting Trayvon.
I agree with this. I think he has some sort of PTSD and needs to get away from everything and settle into some counselling or he'll end up in prison.


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