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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
1) Did you come up with that?

2) I heard she called the President directly and he told her he wasn't listening. Do you think she believed him?

My advice to her and anyone else, whatever the President says, think the opposite and you'll have the truth. Have you ever seen that movie "Liar, Liar" with Jim Carrey, Dave. It's about a guy who is constantly lying, even to his little boy. When he fails to show up for the boy's birthday party, the little boy wishes that for 24 hours his dad cannot tell a lie. That's my wish for Barack Obama, except I would change the time to extend to the rest of his term!

That would be a picture, the next time he opens his mouth to lie to us, the truth actually comes out!

3) Oh to see the look on his face...priceless!
1) No I must admit it was told to me by one of my close friends at work. He is dead into politics and religious debates...but he's also a real right winger...he makes me look like a commie He told me coz he knows that I post on a Republican dominated forum, and he thought that it might give them a giggle.

2) Well, the real accusation is that the National Security Agency has infact been listening to the personal mobiles of Thirty Five head of States, at least half of those would be their own friends. I suspect that the UK is part of the problem and not being spied on like that because 1) our head of State is HM The Queen and listening to her conversations wont help with discerning anything about the politics of the United Kingdom.

I suspect that America has been Listening to most of Europe, Most of Latin america, and then as many enemies as it can, maybe some of the middle east. The Europeans conviened a council meeting and have effectively summoned the President of The United States to a Hearing on the conduct of trust within friendship. This is not brilliant because the US was trying to do deals of trade with Europe direct (aside from Britain after the possibility came to light of our EU referendum) I hasten to add, that a lot of Europe has not forgiven the Americans for Iraq and what they did to the United Nations in 2003...thats essentially why the US doesnt already have this sort of trade relationship except through England. This isnt going to help the American cause in that respect.

You have to see it from Angela Merkels point of view. Your Federation includes Fifty States which do not really have independant Soverignties. Her Union (it is hers rather then the European Presidents, because SHE is the money!) is a Twenty Seven Two Tiered Federation, which has Seventeen sharing the same currency and effectively the same economy, and others outside who contribute and get her jurisdiction in return, but mainly on a trade and import/Employment law basis. These are individual countries with their own Governments, their own Head of States, they are Completely Soverign, and yet, at least for the seventeen, almost completely countrolled economically by Germany.

She has done Twice the size of what Adolf Hitler Intended...but by conquest of Treaty, not conquest of war. The result is effectively the same. an Economic Federalized Europe, under the German Chancellor...and very soon, at least for Seventeen of the Twenty Seven, it will be political union...its only a matter of time!

I often wonder what those killed in the second world war might think, if they knew that within twenty years of defeat, Germany was being re-built by American Investment. That by Fifty years they were the power house of Europe and the driving force behind the facade of a European Community. That by Eighty Years, Seventeen Countries were using the same currency, had their economies effectively combined, and when they strayed, would have Germany forcing undemocratic Governments upon them, whilst removing the Ellected Governments that wouldnt bow to their threats...as has happened in Greece, and Italy.

Mark my words...by the Centenary of the Second World War, there will be a Federal Union, both politically and economically speaking in those seventeen countries, and possibly all twenty seven, and the facade of the "European parliament and President" will probably just have been dropped to expose the true leader as The German Chancellor.

Empire Building continues. That is why some of us call it The Fourth Reich.

3) I would not want to be Barack Obama before the European Union and Ms Merkel. America is playing with Olde Europe at its best. She isnt an American Citizen, She wont succumb to his babble or his oratory pretense. She'll slice and dice him, Spank him really hard, and then tell him to F Orf
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