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Default The Top Ten Joe Silva Reactions In MMA History

From MiddleEasy.com (by Zeus):
Joe Silva, the guy that everyone wants to be until they're faced with a last-minute fight injury. He's the UFC matchmaker and essentially every UFC bout you've ever seen in the past decade was constructed by him. When you've been inundated with the sport for as long as Silva, it's a little hard to hide your inner-fanboy. Joe Silva seems to embrace the fact that he can still be as astonished by stunning finishes after all the years, and it's evidenced in our new list of 'The Top Ten Joe Silva Reactions In MMA History,' enjoy.

10. Joe Silva reacts to Gerald Harris slamming David Branch at UFC 116
A powerbomb KO so remarkable that it was actually shown on ESPN Sportscenter's 'Top Ten' that same night. Now it's on another top ten, and it's solely due to Joe Silva's reaction to it.

9. Silva was really enjoying Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi in Pride FC
Most people call Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi the greatest MMA fight of all time, and judging by the amount of fans in the audience standing in this screen cap, those people may be on to something. Look closely and you can see another fan going nuts ringside.

8. Joe Silva wasn't that thrilled when Josh Thomson picked him up at UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Melendez
Note to fighters: Don't include picking up Joe Silva in your post-fight celebration antics. Just because Silva is shorter than the average guy doesn't mean you can treat him like your personal leprechaun. Josh Thomson found out this the hard way at UFC on FOX: Henderson vs Melendez.

7. Joe Silva's reaction to Frank