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Old 09-16-2013, 04:48 PM
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Default Louisiana bans MMA fighters and boxers with breast implants

Yup. This is a real thing.

From BloodyElbow.com:
Can't be too careful if you're regulating combat sports!

That's the motto of the Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission which passed emergency rules this past Wednesday banning fighters with breast implants from stepping into the cage. NOLA.com has more:
"If they want to look good, then they don't have to be in the ring," said commissioner Harold Williams during a meeting at the Louisiana State Capitol.

The moratorium is in place for at least 60 days, while the commission gathers more information about other states' regulations of the matter. They are considering placing a blanket ban on fighters with breast implants altogether, or making the affected participants sign a waiver.

A female fighter in the state recently pulled out of a scheduled match because of a problem with her breast implant, said vice chairman Buddy Embanato. He and several other commissioners are concerned about who would be financially responsible if a breast implant ruptured during competition.

Thomas Ferguson, a doctor on the commission, said a ruptured breast implant doesn't usually pose a serious health risk to the owner, but the required repairs are costly.
Rest easy fans and fighters the good folks at the LA. commission are looking out for your health and safety. On the J-O-B.
I would like to state, for the record, that I am only posting the pics associated with the article. I did zero outside research for that image.
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