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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
some how i don't think any way obama could have handled this would have made you happy ... obama is doing the right thing in getting the ok from congress, but it has to be twisted so that he is only doing it to blame them later down the road
It was the right thing to go to Congress, I said that. He should have done that as soon as he made the decision that he wanted to take action against Syria. As soon as he made the "red line" comment last year he should have been laying the groundwork, working behind the scenes, quietly preparing for if Syria did cross the line. The fact that he didn't do any of that just goes to show that comment was made with thought, but just made as a political tactic during an election campaign. And no one has to twist anything, playing the blame game has been his pattern since he became President, he's responsible for nothing, it's always someone else's doing or fault.

Who of our allies is backing Obama's plan to take military action? The British said, "No"; the French said something should be done, but I haven't heard any concrete plans from them or anyone else. Who else is going to be there with the U.S. in this? Canada? If this blows up in our face, who will be there for us?

For Pete's sake, who announces to their intended target what their plan of action is?!

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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
please .. russia wouldn't EVER attach US .. if you think they would, you are sorely mistaken ... putin may be tough with obama on syria and that snowden, but he won't let syria start WWIII
I would hazzard a guess, dear fellow, that I know a hell of a lot more about politics then you...and probably a hell of a lot more about Russia then you.

Russia told Obama quite straight at the end of the G20 summit that he would defend Syria from a United States attack....As he has been supplying weapons to syria since the arab revolution...I think its fair to say that he's serious about Syria...the Russians have gone to GREAT lengths...I've never seen them so staunchly defend a foreign power before.

Besides...Russia wouldnt attack the US Homesoil...its the ships belonging to the US in the waters near Syria that it could viably sink...Honnestly...it would only take a single missile froma Russian boat...or a chemical missile from Syria to hit an American Naval ship...and you'd soon have a more dramatic conflict.

Dont under-estimate Vlad...he's not as stupid as he looks.