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Old 08-29-2013, 09:01 PM
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Default No Thoughts on Syria?

President Barack Obama promised the American people that if the President of Assyria was to commit genocide using chemical or biological weapons that he would be forced to intervene in a military capacity in the ongoing civil war.

Right now American Forces are heading towards Syria.

There are a few issues...first, whether biological weapons were used...secondly, who used them on who...and thirdly...what is the point in a one off military strike as a deterance AFTER the weapons have already been used.

If Noone wants regieme change...then Military action has no long term aim...except to provoke a response.

Politicians lie all the time, as a Second Term President, Barack Obama can not hope to win the next General Ellection...so he has nothing to looose by breaking this promise IMHO.

The British Position was first very vocal, as you might expect, America came-a-calling, and up poped the Governor...er...I mean Prime Minister of England to assert his approval. Fortunately, the party that took us into Iraq, is in opposition now, as a direct consequence...and obviously they do not wish for a repeat performance and have demanded that the British Government wait and go through the United Nations. So far, they have got their wish, and whilst the House of Commons debates Assyria...the vote this time will not sanction military action.

The United Nations, promises to release by Saturday, the results of on the ground testing in Syria. On that basis they will of course go to the United Nations Security Council for a Vote on allowing Military Action.

The problem with that, is that two of the Security Council Members are supporting President Assad. Let us just say that Russia appears deadly serious over Assyria...more serious then I have seen her in years about defending a friend. She is so serious, that when the Americans arrive in Waters near Assyria, they will not be alone. Russia is also sending battle ships, and she has no intention of sitting passively by.

I am fearful, because, whilst Russia often makes a lot of noise, once threatening, for example, to aim her missiles at European Capitols if they allowed the Eastern Block to aid the American Starwars programme...the point is...she didnt actually act.

If she is sending Warships, then it can be considered more then one of her usual immature threats.

China has a prime directive believe it or not. They believe that you should not interfere with the internal workings of a different soveringty, unless it has breached its own soverignty first. So far President Assad has not attacked other nations, only a rebellion. As far as the Chinese are concerned, its got nothing to do with anyone else.

The European Union is silent on the issue because Angela Merkel has bigger fish to fry...like getting ellected for a third term...Oh Yes, the German Chancellor could take a dive next month...sooo she's unavialable for comment...except to say the Euro Crisis is all the fault of Greece, which she said to a rally of her supporters (Germans and Rallys shouldnt be mentioned in the same sentance...but thats what the officials called it...) and Spain, which is just as bankrupt is trying to distract everyone by threatening the British Realm of Gibraltar...I mean FFS!
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