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Thales Leites vs. Tom Watson

Round 1:
Herb Dean is our referee for this middleweight pay-per-view bout. No touch of gloves here. Leites blocks a high kick then fires back with a combination, forcing Watson against the fence. Leites quickly takes Watson's back and trips him to the canvas. Leites sinks in one hook, then the second, and starts hunting for a rear-naked choke. He might have it. Watson valiantly fights it off. Leites switches to a body triangle and starts pummeling Watson's face with rights and lefts. Watson snatches wrist control but gets blasted with more rights for his effort. Watson tries to climb to his feet, but Leites is having none of it. Watson tries again, but Leites catches the Brit and flattens him out. Watson finally squirms free. He's bloodied and tired, but he's still in this. Watson stalks forward with a flurry, then finds a home for a few leg kicks.

Round 2:
A massive cut is dribbled blood down Watson's left eye. Leites pumps his jab then misses with a looping right. Watson eats a slew of straight punches and fires off a counter. Leites closes the distance, dumps Watson on his back then instantly advances into side control. Watson recovers his half guard. Leites hunts for an arm triangle, so Watson gives up his back then powers to his feet. Leites is still attached though, and it isn't long before he retakes Watson's back. Watson muscles into top position, but Leites slickly switches to an armbar. Wow, that was close but Watson powered out of it. We're back on our feet. Watson mixing leg kicks with short shots from the clinch. Leites connects with a one-two, but Watson eats it and counters with an uppercut. Both men are absolutely exhausted. This is a brawl.

Round 3:
Leites immediately thunders forward winging big punches. Blood erupts from the right eye of Watson. Leites works against the fence, dropping down for a double. He can't get it. This is a bloody mess. Dean warns Watson for holding onto the fence. Leites looking for a trip but Watson defends. Watson charges inside. Leites changes levels for a single and finishes it, advancing right into mount. Watson gives up his back and climbs to his feet, but only briefly. Leites still has his back. Leites sinks in one hook, and there's the other hook. Watson tries to scramble out, but Leites uses the opportunity to seize an arm triangle. Watson is staying alive, but this is a bad, bad spot. Somehow, he survives to the horn.

UFC 162 results: Thales Leites def. Tom Watson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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