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Old 07-03-2013, 10:12 PM
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Default Egypts Arab Spring has ended...in Military Rule

Cast your minds back to Hosni Mubarack, President of Egypt, Pro-Western Dictator, Peaceful boarder with Jewish Israel, and Pretender in terms of Islamic States.

But the People did not want him. The clustered in the Square and demanded his head on a platter, promised reforms were simply not enough. The Western Super-Powers abandoned him, Barack Obama, Fourty Fourth President of the Federal Republic of The United States of America, rattled on about Democrasy and Liberation Whilst British Conservatism reminded the world that, Pro-West though Mubarack had been, he was also a dictator, boo, hiss.

Then the People spoke, and they ellected with one voice, The Muslim Brotherhood. Israels Skin crawled as for the first time a Hardened Islamic Egypt put her in her place. Barack Obama, appologised profusely to the Palestinians, and David Cameron barked on about some two state peace process which didnt involve Benyamin Netanyahu building on the west bank...and just to prove the point Palestine was recognised as its own Soverignty by the United Nations.

...and then disastor....The people suddenly realized they didnt like an Islamic State after all, far too many rules, much to much oppression.

There was much Knashing of teeth...and more crying in the national square...and hey-ho a military juncta takes control.

ooops...soo much for freedom, the democratic vote and...YES, The United State and The United Kingdom just lost a friend, and ended up with a country going throw writhing turmoil, only to rise as another dictatorship.

Jolly good show. Shame its a true story.
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