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Default UFC 160 *SPOILERS*

Here we go!!!

Jeremy Stephens vs. Estevan Payan

Round 1:
Payan's throwing low kicks early and is beating Stephens to the punch. A Stephens kick lands low, and the ref has to be talked into giving Payan a time-out. Back to action. Stephens presses forward and attempts a takedown to no avail. Payan wobbles Stephens with a right. Stephens goes for a takedown, but Payan pulls guard and has a guillotine. Stephens escapes and lands an elbow from the top. Stephens postures up and Payans lands a solid upkick. They scramble back to their feet and the sequence ends with Payan getting a standing choke. They hit the ground, and get right back up, with Stephens landing