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Old 05-06-2013, 05:42 PM
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Default Ken Shamrock is here to talk about his 'Grandfather vs. Grandfather' match coming up

There should be a 40+ division in MMA. That's how we could curb the whole TRT thing, and we could see some great fights between old men who traned uphill both ways in the snow in their yesteryear. That's what I want. There is a senior division in just about every other sport, but I think I'm mostly basing this off golf, which is very much an individual sport filled with lots of focused rage, like MMA. Yeah, a senior division for Mixed Martial Arts held on a golf course. That seems like a winning combination to not only attract fight fans, but hit that all important 34-62 demographic. Baby boomers have cash to spend and they love seeing men their age kick butt.

Somewhere, Dan Severn agrees with me. Imagine that: Hendo would be the senior champ, everyone at the outdoor, 9-hole par 3 course/arena would sip their mai thais and be having a great time watching Maurice Smith fight on the undercard... Man, that would be great. Better watch out though, Igor Vovchanchyn turns forty in a year and a half.

Ken Shamrock hopped on Off The Record with a shapeshifting Michael Landsberg (who kind of looks like living death) to talk about his upcoming fight with Ian Freeman this July. He also mentioned he thinks the UFC is lying to their employees about finances and pay, but that always seems to come up with Ken rocking the mic.

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