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Old 04-28-2013, 03:58 AM
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Jim Miller vs. Pat Healy

Round 1:
Miller gets Healy's attention early with a straight left and a kick. Miller's mixing his strikes early. Two-punch combo connects. Big "Let's go Miller" chant from the New Jersey ground. Miller with a takedown, but Healy's solid off his back, so we'll see where it goes. Healy works for an armbar, then attempts an omplata. Healy rolls out, and Miller gets a crucifix from an odd position. Miller is methodically working for an armbar. Two minutes left. Miller can't quite isolate the arm. Healy's free and we're back standing. Healy closes the distance with a two-punch combo and scores a takedown with just over a minute left. Miller turns over and Healy lands a series of punches. Big slam by Healy, who gets Miller's back. Miller switches position and lands elbow in the closing seconds.

Round 2:
Healy initiates a clinch and then scores a trip, but Miller's right back to his feet. Back to center Octagon, but not for long, as they clinch along the fence. Healy switches levels and gets another takedown. Healy's landing some bombs from the top. Miller's looking for a submission, but he keeps ending up in worse position than before. Miller's trying to get up, and Healy gets his back as he does it. Miller gets a choke, but he escapes the choke. Miller somehow gets out. Stalemate on the ground with one minute left. Miller walks for a submission late, but no dice.

Round 3:
Miller lands a right hook. Healy responds with a two-punch combo. They clinch hit the mat simultaneously and scramble to their feet. Miller lands an inside leg kick and Healy tags him with a right hand. Healy with a takedown and good position, with Miller pressed against the fence. Healy lands elbows. Healy works for an arm triangle, then abandons it. Midway through the round. Healy is just smothering Miller, landing punches and elbows at will. Miller is cut bad over his last eye. Healy has a rear naked choke. Miller goes out rather than tap. Tremendous UFC debut for the veteran Healy.

Pat Healy def. Jim Miller via submission at 4:02 of round three.

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