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Old 04-14-2013, 10:14 PM
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Default TUF Finale Question

So I heard one of the announcers at the end of Round 3 of the TUF finale mention that it could go to a "sudden death" round. That got me curious. How do they get the commissions or whoever to okay that.

I know they can do a five round fight for main events now. But I hadn't previously heard that they could do a sudden death round for TUF finale. I know they do an extra round (third) during the TUF competition if its a draw, but those fights are exhibitions and I assume the finale fights are not exhibitions because they are 3 rounds with apparently an option for a 4th.

Another question would be, if those fights can go on to a possible 4th, why not have that with all fights if there was a case of a draw. Wouldn't that be better than a draw?

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