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Default Maggie Thatcher has died :'(

Margaret Thatcher rulled as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990, Her party continued to rule from 1990 to 1997 but under a different leader after she was politically ousted from power by her own cabinet.

It took Maggie several defeats before she became a Minister of Parliament, primarily because she was Female, and her political attempts were only just after the second world war. When she finally got a seat in the House of Commons as a conservative, she took experience in three areas, first, housing, which would be important because later when she had real power she was all for people doing anything they could to become home owners, even if it meant that after a long time of paying councils rent for occupying a council house, they could eventually buy them. Something which was ace all the way through the fourty year sinse....until now, when we are running out of council houses, since everyone living in them, has eventually bought them

She also had experience with Work and Pensions, which is probably where her great distaste of the Trade Unions sprang from, and whilst she completely and utterly obliterated them during the 1980s, they rose back in some sectors. It wasnt a case of fairness for employers that she had a problem with, so her aim wasnt truely de-unionization...her aim was too stop them having such sway and control that they could effectively challenge her ideals with strikes, and be funders financially speaking to the more liberal and socialistic parties.

Finally, she had experience in the Treasury, which may have been where her alarm bells rang concerning Europe which was one of the last things her Reign dealt with...as Europe moved from an exchange rate mechanism for trade on Continental Europe...towards a political and financial union which would see the rise of "Europe" as a Federal Union....something which its on the verge of today.

She was quite the conservative on most issues, including Capital Punishment, with the exception of support for homosexuality and the legal right of abortion.

She became a cabinet minister for Education just before the Conservatives lost the General Ellection. She saw the leader of the Conservatives as being weak, and she challenged him for the leadership which she won. This made her head of the Opposition, and when the next General Ellection came round, Her party won, making her the first and only female Prime Minister.

People remain divided on her rule because it offended as many as it pleased. If you were part of the coal industry, then you would hate her, because she basically distroyed your coal mines, your industry, and the communities that live around them. If you are anti nationalization, then you love her, because she began to put all kinds of sectors of the community back into the hands of the people to run and manage. If you were effected by her extra taxes then again you might hate her, but if you believe in British Soverignty over the Faulkland Islands, and the ability to go all the way to defend it from Argentinian invasions, you would like her.

Finally...if you are a socialist, or someone who puts a federal Europe ahead of the National Parliament...then you would be in for some serious words. Words she started spewing towards the Russians before she came to power, and all through the Cold War. It was the Russians who called her "The Iron Lady" because of her uncompromising politics. She was also worried about Europe and the danger that what was presented would quickly morph to become ! a back door to a Federal Europe" Something which History has taught us all that she was correct about....But she was far too concerned with that, then the discontent within her party, which eventually saw her closest allies resign, and following that she was challenged for the leadership and rather then face a vote of no confidence, she eventually resigned.

She moved to the House of Lords, and began a slow demise into dementia, which left her frail and vulnerable to reoccuring strokes. one of which killed her last night.

Technically speaking, due to all she has done, Maggie was probably well within her rights to have a state funeral. But its come to light that she expressed in her will that she didnt want one. So she is going to have a Service with Military Honours instead at Saint Paul's Cathedral, London

Here are some Brilliant Maggie clips

Part One

"I hope you wont mind Mr President, my recalling, the George Washington was a British Subject, until well after his Fourtieth Birthday"

Part Two
"The trouble with Labour is, they want the benefit of repentance, without renouncing the original sin"
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