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Old 03-13-2013, 09:34 PM
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Default Habemus Papem! Francis I

The Roman Catholic College of Cardinals have broken their conclave after one and a half days when following five votes, a Cardinal was ellected as Pope.

This Cardinal was NOT on the list of favourites to be the successor of Benedict XVI. For the first time in over One Thousand Years, the Cardinals have decided to ellect a Cardinal from outside of Europe...and infact this is the first time any person from the Americas have been Ellected.

Francis I as he has decided to call himself, was Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, many people suspect that he was second in the 2005 conclave. Francis is from Argentina.

He shall begin his Reign over the Two Hundred and Sixty Sixth Pontificate with immediate effect. Unfortunately, he looks a little like Pope Pius, who held the papacy under Nazi colusion during the second world war.

One final note. Francis is a Jesuit...the first Jesuit to be ellected to the Papacy!
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