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Default Edenic Trees

So in the Garden of Eden, two special trees are mentioned...one is called The Tree of The Knowledge of Goodness and Evil...its usually depicted as a apple tree...I dont know how accurate that is...but needless to say it was a fruit tree

The other mentioned is The Tree of Life, I cant remember much about descriptions of that. I remember that Humans are barred from Eden to stop them "eating from" and therefore I suppose we assume the Tree of Life was also a Fruit Tree.

Its funny how you get visions in your mind...because I have always thought of the Tree of Life as an Evergreen Tree, maybe some kind of conifer...well my friend went to the lakes and he saw this magnificent tree which he took, and he said it reminded him of the tree of life....its deciduous...its winter...the tree has not fruit and no leaves on it.

Its a nice shape.

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