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Old 02-24-2013, 12:10 PM
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Default The UFC have a big name to cut from last night...

So now lets stand back and watch as the UFC tries to justify keeping Josh Koscheck on the books. Having lost three of his past five fights....two losses in a row (which we know they have used to get rid of others)

This is their test. If they fail to dismiss Josh Koscheck, then it goes to show, they arent clearing the roster for the elite...but simply saving their favourites at the expense of true hard working fighters....does anyone dissagree

We all know what would have befallen Robbie Lawler had the result been the other way round, dont we.

I cant wait for the announcement and uproar this is going to cause when they announce a cut list which penalizes...I dont know, Anton Kuivanen, Ivan Menjivar....and fails to mention Josh Koscheck.

It will be point proven.

Now if on the other hand, the UFC actually do have the balls to dispose of Koscheck...then we can be assured that noone, truely, noone is safe...(Except Dan Hardy, Leonard Garcia, and probably Mac Danzig....as those names have pretty much been told to journalists as a safe list despite their records lol)
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