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Default UFC 156 *Spoilers*

It's time!!!

Edwin Figueroa vs. Francisco Rivera

Round 1:
Amy's favorite, Kim Winslow, is the referee for this bantamweight bout. Rivera's stalking Figueroa early, but Figueroa's throwing more punches. Neither gets the better of a wild exchange about a minute in. Figueroa drops Rivera with a punch and moves in on the downed Rivera, but Rivera ties him up. Rivera almost gets a triangle, but Figueroa rolls out of it, and they've back to their feet. Midway through the round. Rivera opens up with two-punch combos and lands a kick to the torso. Figueroa tags him with a left. They hit the mat with Figueroa on the bottom. Rivera works into side control, but Rivera scrambles out. We're back to our feet. Still either fighter's round with a minute left. Rivera lands a front kick. Rivera with a trip. He lands a few punches and stands. Closing moments seals the round.

Round 2:
Both guys throw kicks early, Figueroa going high and Rivera low. Figueroa with a takedown, but he instant;y walks into a triangle attempt. Figueroa stays in Rivera's guard for more than a minute, with neither fighter accomplishing much. Rivera gets back to his feet. Rivera more active, connecting on an overhand right, followed by an uppercut. Figueroa appears to be tiring a bit. Figeuroa with a two-punch combo, and Rivera tags him in reply. A big right hand followed by an uppercut changes things in a hurry. Figueroa tries to escape Rivera's onslaught, Rivera follows Figueroa and absolutely clocks Figueroa with a right which drops him. Winslow calls it off.

Francisco Rivera def. Edwin Figueroa via TKO at 4:20 of round two.

*courtesy of mmafighting.com*
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