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Default UFC on FX *Spoilers*

Here we go!

Francisco Trinaldo vs. C.J. Keith

Round 1:
Marc Goddard is the referee in charge. Keith opens with a kick to Trinaldo's lead leg. Trinaldo lunges into a wild overhand left before clinching against the fence. Trinaldo working hard for a takedown. Trinaldo finally gets it, lifting Keith high above his head before slamming him down, landing in half guard. Trinaldo quickly advances into mount. Keith in survival mode as Trinaldo rains down elbows. Keith scrambles and reverses into top position, before moving into half guard. Trinaldo looking for an armlock from the bottom. Keith defends, but Trinaldo stands in the ensuing scramble. Trinaldo muscles Keith back to the mat, again landing in half guard. Trinaldo advances into mount and rains down one last hammerfist at the horn.

Round 2:
Trinaldo feints heavily before tying up against the fence. Trinaldo hunting for a single. Keith rotates, gives up his back, and gets violently suplexed to the mat. Wow. Keith in trouble as Trinaldo locks up an arm triangle choke. That's it. Keith taps.

Francisco Trinaldo def. C.J. Keith via submission (arm triangle choke) at 1:50 of round 2.

*courtesy mmafighting.com*
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