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Old 01-14-2013, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Yep, GOD used violence many times throughout the Bible to accomplish His will. Even Jesus overturning tables in the Temple and whipping the money-changers would have been seen as a violent act.

If you really study history, guns have acted as a great equalizer across the world. In other words, guns have actually made the world a less violent place that it has been in the past.

Look at it like this, before the invention of gunpowder, people's primary form of self-defense was swords. However, swords require physical strength, size and the full use of both arms and legs. On top of all that, they also require training and conditioning to learn how to use them effectively.

So if you take a 30-year-old, 6-foot tall, 200-pound man, who's been trained in swordplay for years, and put him up against a 13-year-old, 5'2", 90-pound girl who has never touched a sword in her life. What's going to happen if you give them both a sword and have them fight to the death? The answer is easy, she's going to get cut to pieces fairly quickly and without much effort.

However, take the same two people and place a loaded gun in each of their hands. Now you've leveled the playing field and changed the entire game. It's no longer about physical size or training level, it's about who can pull that trigger the fastest. The girl who has never touched a weapon in her life is suddenly just as dangerous as the highly-trained, physically-powerful man.

Before the invention of guns, all of humanity lived in a 'might makes right' world. Guns have actually helped humanity tame a wild planet and made modern civilization possible.

Of course, many will try to claim that humanity has "evolved" past the need for guns, because we are becoming more intelligent and more civilized through the process of Evolution. Well that just one more lie of this world. Humanity is just as evil and corrupt as we've always been.
i agree that humans are still evil and will always be .. but i think the world is still the same 'might makes right' ..... its just the ones with guns now are the ones with the upperhand and doing the pushing around .. but so goes the world ...
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