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"hunting and sporting clause" - brilliant! good on that Marine...
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Originally Posted by huan View Post
"hunting and sporting clause" - brilliant! good on that Marine...
I particularly liked "an unconstitutional law isn't a law".
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-Then why didn't he want that for us?

He didnt want the British Crown for America because it failed in its duty to the collonies. King George appeared to be lapse on everything to do with supporting the collonies in America, he took his time giving his final stamp of approval, for example, to local laws, without which, they couldnt be enforced, leaving the Collonies unable to adjudicate on a local level. But King George had no quarms about ensuring what the collonies owed the Empire was paid in full, promptly, and disproportionatley.

What King George did was quite bizzare, considering that he acknowledged ultimate responsibilities for the Collonies, why would he not wish to send delegates to help them, or meet with them when they sent delegations across to England. Why, if they were part of the Empire, were they barred from representation in Westminster Palace? They had a right to feel abandoned and insulted

There are two answers to the above. The first being that King George was clincally insane. The second is that King George was very angry with the American Collonies for what he saw as Tretcherous trade with the French in the pacific....Rather then take the Americans to task for trading with a country that the Empire was officially at war with, George decided just to be as difficult as possible. George Washington understood this, why do you think in the declaration of Independance, the Examples of what Constitutes a "Free State" include the ability to declaire war and peace, and the ability to trade with who they wish? The inclusion of those two things are manifest truth, that even whilst George Washington pretends to be a victim of the Empires careless leaders...he also knows EXACTLY what he has done to provoke that responce. He has declared a truce with the French, He has traded with the French....Even in the days post Empire, that sort of treason would not be tollerated....when George Bush launched his War On Terror...it wasnt just those who were terrorists, OR those who were sympathetic...it was any Nation that had Terrorists within their own jurisdication

The truth is, they are both correct. The Collonies had the right to be trea