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Old 12-16-2012, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
no you really don't have to show your use for 200 pounds of fertilizer, there are all kinds of people that buy 3 or four bags of fertilizer and don't show an end use for it, many peoples yards get more fertilizer than that every year, all he would have to do is tell someone it is for his yard, a 200 pound fertilizer bomb is more than big enough to kill a few dozen people-------------and again you are the one arguing that if he didn't have guns he couldn't kill people

i don't personally own a plane, but i know where some are he didn't have a small plane but if he could steal an assault rifle then why couldn't he steal a small plane

he was using guns he stole from his mother and bought illegally on someone elses license

maybe we could ban drugs? maybe that would stop our drug problem

yes, you have really got me cornered on my hunting rifle argument
those kids are more dead because they were shot 3-11 times instead of just once and you know that if he was reloading his hunting rifle those kids would have jumped him and taken him down, so i guess they didn't have a chance because he didn't have to reload that often that's a great argument!! lets make the bad guys use low capacity magazines so that the kids will have a chance to jump them when they reload
why do you think 6 and 7 year olds would jump him and take him down while he was reloading when in fact all they would have to do is run ?

yes maybe his mother had a plane in the garage...

if you really think you could blow up that school with 3 or 4 bags of fertilizer then i have some ocean front property in North Dakota id like to sell you.

in the end i see that you are right...assault weapons are in no way at all part of the problem in the USA when it comes to the slaughter of defenseless children in a situation like this...

it will be a comforting for people to know that even if there were absolutely no semi automatic weapons at all at his mothers place that all these children were going to die that day anyway,and many many more if he would have used a plane or a fertilizer bomb...at the end of the day we should just be thankful that his mothers guns were so easily accessible.

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