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Old 12-11-2012, 10:11 PM
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Default New Rules on Gay Marriage

The British Government is bizzare

So they have put it in law that the same sexed religious ceremonies include all religious denominations...BUT...only if the denomination want to


the Church of England....where it will be ILLEGAL to do so.

Bear in mind, therefore, as the Church of England is the State Church...the British Government have basically said they are against it, so much so, they have made it illegal on a State Level....but NOT on a Religious, non-state level...AND YET...have left it up to the churches to decide...meaning...that the refusal to conduct WONT result in being taken to court.

The Homosexuals are FURIOUS

The End Result...They will NOT get married in an Anglican Church, for that would be illegal..on the basis of law, not morality...they may get married in any other denominational church...but only if that particular church aggrees...and therefore any which refuse can not be prosecuted....but in theory Gay marriage is now allowed, except in the C of E...where its not just immoral...its illegal hahahaha
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